March 16, 2020

Executive Managing Editor and Journalism Professor Cathy Risling

Executive Managing Editor and Journalism Professor Cathy Risling

“Your energy is currency, spend it well, invest it wisely”

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Executive Managing Editor of two major magazines, world traveler, journalism professor, freelance writer and editor...sounds like a character from a movie doesn't it?

I truly enjoyed this show because it gave me a chance to learn more about a dear family friend, Cathy Risling.

You can go so long and think you know someone but sometimes, you never really get a chance to go a little deeper and learn more about their past and all that they have been through, especially in their career life.

This show gave me the opportunity to do just that, I learned some amazing things about Cathy’s life story that I fully enjoyed and I know you will too.

Cathy's website:

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Cathy Risling

Freelance Writer | Journalism Professor

Cathy Risling is a freelance writer and adjunct professor. In between her career of teaching Journalism at a university in California and raising a family, Cathy still finds time to enjoy writing in her way and in her style.