Oct. 12, 2020

A Conversation with Communications Specialist, Remote Work Blogger, Coach and Freelance Writer, Sheila Nero

A Conversation with Communications Specialist, Remote Work Blogger, Coach and Freelance Writer, Sheila Nero

“Jobs are changing and industries are changing; I think we will define what we love to do and find a place to do it.”

Corporate storyteller, remote work blogger and freelance writer, Sheila Nero is an accomplished communications specialist with extensive experience as a content creator for both corporate and non-profit audiences. 

Sheila blends the tactics of rock-solid Communications plans and the news sense and story angles of Journalism to help businesses and organizations succeed in their public and media relations strategies. 

Her well read remote work blogging series on LinkedIn provides tips and real life practices for both the experienced and newbie remote worker. Since converting to work from home status in March, I personally found Sheila’s articles incredibly informative and valuable. 

Our conversation also provided a welcome playbook to help me navigate this new remote space I find myself in. Like many of you, I was thrust into this work from home environment very quickly without a lot of time to process; which is why I valued my conversation with Sheila because she taught me what it means to be a work from home employee and offered excellent tips and advice on how to be my most productive self. 

Honestly, Sheila is such a fun and engaging conversationalist, I didn’t want our chat to end, so I made her promise to do a part 2, which she happily agreed to! After you listen to our conversation, I’m sure you’ll agree that Sheila knows her stuff and is as informative as they come. I invite you to Have A Seat and get to know the delightful Sheila Nero.

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Sheila Nero

Corporate Storyteller | Communications Specialist | Remote Work Blogger & Coach | Freelance Writer

Consults with businesses to create success stories, case studies, business proposals, marketing materials, and brand journalism articles.

Draws on Journalism, PR, and Communications background. Blogger on remote work best practices, offering training and coaching to employers and workers.

Provides thought leadership in writing LinkedIn series on remote work. Handle public relations and media relations. Produce freelance articles with photography. View writing samples at www.sheilanero.com.