April 20, 2020

Administrative Professionals Week Spotlight...Phenomenal EA Esther Williams

Administrative Professionals Week Spotlight...Phenomenal EA Esther Williams

“When people ask what do you do? My answer: whatever it takes”

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My interview today was with my awesome co-worker, Esther Williams. This interview is special in that it's going live during Administrative Professionals Week and I thought what better way to help celebrate all that we do than by interviewing a fellow admin!

Esther was the first administrative associate at my University who took the time to introduce herself and show me the ropes. Working at such a large institution can feel a bit lonely, but Esther truly made me feel welcome; after our first initial coffee meet up I knew I had found a true work friend. I was so excited to do this show with Esther, to let her tell her amazing journey from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas.

Get comfortable in your favorite chair grab your cup of joe and listen to the conversation!

Thanks for listening!


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Esther WilliamsProfile Photo

Esther Williams

Executive Assistant

Esther Williams is an accomplished Executive Assistant with over 10 years of experience supporting C-Level executives with a strong reputation for adding value, building relationship bridges, acting in a trusted capacity and getting things done.