May 25, 2020

Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Advocate Melody Gross

Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Advocate Melody Gross

“One day you will tell the story of what you went through; and it will be someone else’s survival guide”

Melody Gross is a speaker, blogger, coach and passionate advocate for intimate partner violence education and awareness.

Having survived domestic violence in her own life, she advocates for those in our society who quietly struggle and live with this fear. 

Our profound conversation centered around topics of her own personal struggle with intimate partner violence, the reasons why she advocates today and important steps we can take in the workplace to support and educate ourselves and our co-workers on the subject of intimate partner violence. 

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Advocate. Blogger. Speaker

Domestic Violence x Motherhood

Helping survivors thrive. Getting customers to care.


Do you have a story of overcoming when the odds were stacked against you? Do you have a journey to share that may lift someone else up and give them the power to rise above? 

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