Nov. 13, 2022

A Hard Truth About Burnout, A Have A Seat Minicast

A Hard Truth About Burnout, A Have A Seat Minicast

"Sometimes all that you need is someone who can believe in you; more than you do."― Andy Grammar

I was recently in a unique position to provide support to a fellow executive assistant, who, for all intents and purposes, was experiencing extreme burnout, to the point where they were clinically diagnosed with several different conditions. 

From my perspective this wasn't something that came on overnight, I witnessed their concerning decline over several months. It was heartbreaking, scary and made me quite honestly, feel helpless. I wanted to do so much for them, but I had to coach myself that supportive space and a gentle touch, was what was needed most.

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Creating Have A Seat...Conversations with Women in the Workplace Podcast was a way for me to engage in weekly conversations with women about their career journey and share them in a fun and supportive way. I truly believe we all have a unique story to tell; we add value in what we do and are rock stars in our own right and I'm excited to bring you these stories every week.