Aug. 7, 2022

A Quick Conversation with Team Solo Admin Blogger, Anieka Johnson Part 2

A Quick Conversation with Team Solo Admin Blogger, Anieka Johnson Part 2

“It was being an admin that gave me the courage to start my blog because look at all the stuff that I do and all the things that I have accomplished”

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So in case you jumped straight to this episode and missed listening to part 1 allow me do the honors again. Friends, it it my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the next voice in the administrative professional landscape, Team Solo Admin Blogger, Anieka Johnson.

This is part 1 of our 2 part conversation as there was a moment where we naturally ventured a bit off topic to discuss the value that can be found when administrative support professionals diversify their talents and time into something not work related.

It was such a great segment that when I cut it from episode 1, I decided on the spot, to create a part 2 featuring just that part of the chat. Check out her prior episode to appreciate the full scope of our fun conversation!

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Anieka Johnson


Anieka is the founder of the Team: Solo Admin blog. With over 10 years of administrative experience, she decided to give back to the administrative support profession.

Anieka decided to start a blog because she aims to address and minimize how isolating being an administrative profession can be through sharing. She has taught software classes to administrative professionals in universities to help manage their responsibilities as a team of one, and shares tips, tricks, and experience sharing on her blog.