Dec. 12, 2022

4 Day Work Week? Here's One Thing I Struggled With

4 Day Work Week? Here's One Thing I Struggled With

So as I'm sure you've noticed, there has been an increase in chatter on the interwebs around the 4 day work week. In one of my past administrative assistant roles, I worked a 4 day work week and let me tell you, I'm a fan.

It's so nice having a week day free to run errands, make appointments, do laundry, scoot out of town sooner, it has many benefits. Plus, only 4 work outfits to plan...major bonus!

However, there was one drawback that I honestly struggled with that sort of took me by surprise. My work week consisted of Monday - Thursday, 8am - 6pm, which wasn't bad at all. I made sure to take my full lunch hour as well as mini breaks throughout the day

When it came to the Friday we had off though, oh my! Friend, I was TIRED. I quickly realized the toll working that extra hour for four days was taking on me. Some Fridays all I could do was lay around for half the day.

I was shocked! I had all these plans on Monday, but more often than not, when Friday rolled around I was too tired to act on any of them.

It certainly wasn't that way every Friday, there were some Fridays where I had energy and was checking off those boxes; it was the other Friday's when I was feeling less than energetic, that really took me by surprise.

Still a fan of 4 day work weeks, but maybe I will give more thought to how and what I plan for those Friday's off. 

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