Dec. 19, 2022

How I Stay Organized As A Remote EA

How I Stay Organized As A Remote EA

Friends! This month celebrates my one year anniversary being a remote executive assistant. Yay!! The amount of personal and professional growth I've experienced this past year has been truly life changing.

However, I think I am done with answering the always present question, "so how is your remote role going?" Lately, I've engaged in enough of these apparently innocent, questions to know that they are almost always asked with a shady hidden agenda, which is to give the other person license to come at me and express how much working from home would never work for them.

More often than not, I'm met with less than empathetic questions / observations like: they don't see how I do it, have I gained a lot of weight, am I bored, do I miss the office, do I walk around a lot, do I work from the couch, from my bed, in slippers and on and on it goes. Always ending with telling me yet again how much they just could never do it nor would their organization even allow it.

Not once am I asked about my experience, my impressions, my likes, dislikes, what's working, what's not. Not once am I engaged in a conversation that allows me to openly share my remote work experience that's met with an open mind and a healthy back and forth.

So friends, I'm out. I refuse to answer that question moving forward. Nope. Nada. Zilch. #settingboundaries

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