Sept. 2, 2021

Let's Be Honest: Soft Skills Are Changing

Let's Be Honest: Soft Skills Are Changing

Is it just me or has there been a slight shift in how we interact with each other at work? I see it every day and feel like I’m witnessing a new workplace vibe that is bringing forth a different set of required soft skills. If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of soft skills and absolutely believe they are essential to have in our toolkit. According to those in the know, these are the top trending skills needed to survive in today’s workplace.

Adaptability ~ in some ways this one is pretty self explanatory, being adaptable today is key to our workplace survival in many ways. As some offices either have remained or transitioned to remote, operate in a hybrid style, have moved fully back to in person, or a combination of all the above, we can’t help but strengthen our adaptable muscles. Even those who are refusing to get on the new reality train and are kicking and screaming about wanting to return to “the way it was”, yes even you, are adapting. My best advice: It’s happening, there’s really nothing we can do about it so embrace it and save your energy for the things that truly matter. It’s my belief that nothing is really the same as it was pre-pandemic, and the sooner we embrace that reality and learn to be adaptable to the changes, the better off we may be.

People Skills ~ Gah! This is one of my favorites because not everyone has them and I like to call out those who don’t. Hahahaha! Just kidding, I would never do that...or would I? Again, another obvious skill set but one that is almost the catalyst or jumping off point for so many of our actions, especially these days. Many of us are coming off of a long period of working remotely, where the only people we had to interact with was our own family and possibly a very small orbit of friends, so moving back into a work environment with other humans can be a little disorienting. Let’s try to remember that we aren’t the only ones in the room so to speak, and to treat others with some grace, patience and respect.

Organization ~ Ah, yes, the old standby. In this new reality, staying organized while the comings and goings of office life pass swiftly by us, can be a bit of a challenge. I’m a fan of using whatever tools, resources and hacks that will help us keep our ducks in a row and marching to their own little beat. This is a skill set that will look different for all of us, but one that we should continue to build on and strengthen as the months go by. If you’re anything like me, an organized work space equals a happy work day. Understanding that “organized” is a coat that will look different on everyone, so, as long as you can find that “thing” that needs finding, your organizational style is all good.

I’ve noticed that there is a slight difference in the way I engage and treat others and the way I conduct my work, above and beyond the obvious reasons (hello pandemic life!). 

Your turn! Do you agree that these are the trending workplace skill sets right now or do you have other skills you would identify and place at the top? I invite you to share your thoughts by clicking the Get In Touch button above or clicking the microphone in the corner and leave me a voicemail. Either way, let’s continue the conversation!