July 25, 2022

Oh No! Not The Dreaded 1:1"s!

Oh No! Not The Dreaded 1:1

Let's get sassy friends! If you ask me, there's no better sassy inducing topic than those lovely 1:1's. If you're anything like me, you enter into your 1:1's excited and enthusiastic because today will be the day when we move that needle, when we sync with our boss and we get through that 1:1 agenda and conquer the world! 

And then we get back to our desks and wonder, what in the living heck just happened?! 

To put a bow around it, I feel there are definitely steps we can take to aide ourselves in conducting and getting more out of our 1:1's. It shouldn't all fall on our bosses, we can take some ownership of how successful or not, our 1:1's may be. Like learning our bosses work "language", are they a "get to the bottom line" type personality or do they appreciate some friendly chit chat before getting to what's on the agenda? Are they a morning person or an after lunch person when it comes to focused work? What about meeting cadence? Are you meeting too many times or not enough?

Some of these queries won't be answered in a direct way, sometimes we need to sit back and observe how things are handled, what is going on around us, how others are successful in their 1:1's. By observing subtleties like these, we may be able to take away what works and apply it to our own 1:1 time.

At the end of the day, there are times when we just simply need our bosses input to help us get our own work done, so wouldn't you want to supply yourself with the best information and tactics possible to do just that? 

Remember friends, if audio is more to your liking, you will find a link to this episode at the top of my website under the Episodes section. 

Stay safe, be well and remember to keep having those conversations!