Oct. 31, 2021

Finding The Freedom to Live Fearlessly, A Conversation with Certified Life Coach, Jennifer Maurer

Finding The Freedom to Live Fearlessly, A Conversation with Certified Life Coach, Jennifer Maurer

“We are all fabulous beings, we all have talents and we all have value; we bring something important to the table. If we start to forget that about ourselves, then it’s time to stop and take notice”

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It's no coincidence that Jennifer Maurer's last name rhymes with power, as that is what she believes we all inherently have, we just need to be reminded of it from time to time.

 As a very important chapter of Jennifer's life abruptly ended, she was faced with a choice. Do or die. She chose "do" and from the ground up, completely reinvented herself.  She took this new found faith and freedom in herself and turned it into serving others and it changed her life.

If you've ever found yourself suddenly faced with life changing circumstances, long out of the workforce or tragically out of touch with yourself, then this is the show for you.

Listen in as Jennifer shares:

~ The steps we can take to break free from our fears 

~ Advice to turn your what-if's to positive action 

~ Why toxicity has no place in our lives; and 

~ Why she would choose the Beatles over the Beach Boys any day of the week 

Connect with Jennifer:
Jennifer Maurer: Life & Career Coach

Jennifer Maurer Public Speaker/Motivational Coach

Jennifer Maurer (@jennatweet)

Jennifer Maurer - Founder - Freedom Course

Freedom Course-Jennifer Maurer (@freedomcourse) • Instagram photos and videos

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Jennifer MaurerProfile Photo

Jennifer Maurer

Author + Certified Life Coach + Speaker

As a Certified Life Coach, Jennifer mentors others that face challenges every day. Whether it's life, relationships, business, or education, she believes we all need some guidance from time to time.

Jennifer has traveled the country addressing clients and students on the importance of getting back in touch with themselves and discovering their "Passion Principles." More specifically, to uncover the hidden (and sometimes not-so-hidden) fears that paralyze our thoughts and begin a re-awakening.

As a result of her success as a certified life coach, Jennifer created "5-Steps to Freedom From Fear," an easy-to-read guide which leads you down a path to new possibilities and a richer, more fulfilling life. In this short, easy-to-digest guide Jennifer outlines the key elements to putting your fears to rest. The very same methods that worked for her, her clients, and her students. The very same insights she used to literally reclaim her life and no longer be held captive by irrational fear - all in a 20-30 minute read. If you are ready to feel empowered, connect with Jennifer today.