Dalia Kinsey

Registered Dietitian + Inclusive Employee Wellness Specialist + Podcast Host

Dalia is a body positive Registered Dietitian and Inclusive Employee Wellness Specialist who teaches her clients that eating well while loving the body that you are in is a powerful combination.

Dalia is also the inspiring creator of the Body Liberation for All podcast, a show dedicated to amplifying the health and happiness of LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC folx. On her mission to spread joy, reduce suffering, and eliminate health disparities in her QTBIPOC community, she rejects the narrow minded diet culture and teaches us how to use nutrition the right way, as a self-care and personal empowerment tool.

Jan. 4, 2021

Happy 2021! Body Acceptance + Wellness, A Conversation with Registere…

“I say we’ve tried that, let’s move on to something else, how about something that you enjoy so much you do it for the sake of do…

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