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Dr Kathryn Owler has become passionate about finding ways to experience more fun and enjoyment at work. As a woman researcher she started her career expecting to have a blast at work all the time - only to become disillusioned in her first and often subsequent jobs. Consequently, she channeled her despair & disappointment into academic research – most recently distilling the secrets of remarkable workers who’ve had fun at any job they’ve ever had! Kathryn has been involved in the workplace wellness field for over 10 years and has trained many groups of people from numerous different workplaces and industries to enjoy their work more. She is now the director of The Happiness at Work Coach. Kathryn’s mission is to provide people bored, frustrated or unhappy in their jobs with easy-to-follow (empirically proven) steps that they can action immediately to achieve greater joy and purpose at work.

May 1, 2022

Can True Happiness At Work Be Found? A Conversation with Happiness At…

"It’s good to take a pause and really think about what is going on for me, how do I want it to be, why is it not going quite how …

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