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Ifrah Kanwal

Client Engagement Specialist

Ifrah Kanwal is a Client Engagement Specialist. Ifrah graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in English, and earned her Master in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing, both from West Texas A&M University. Ifrah has consistently increased her responsibilities in each organization that she has served, by improving sales, profitability and processes.

She is also the proud recipient of the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce “Top 20 Under 40 Award”. Ifrah believes with enough patience and persistence, even plastic turns into composite, giving birth to beautiful creations. With that same logic, Ifrah's advice to us is to don't ever think you are just plastic, to be weak, fragile, and useless. Stand strong and have faith in yourself and the future.

Oct. 3, 2021

Battling Our Insecurities and Becoming Stronger, A Conversation with …

“There are two things that can happen right now, I can keep being angry and wallowing in self-pity or I can acknowledge it happen…

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