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Lisa Weingardt

Owner + Birth Photographer + Filmmaker

Lisa grew up in southern Utah where a love for nature and exploration was fostered and encouraged. She has always been creative with a love for writing and art.

With the birth of her own children her desire to document their lives became a passion for her, and she has albums and boxes full of images to prove it. After the stillborn loss of her third child, that passion for holding and cherishing every moment that she could grew even more intense and important in her life. She discovered just how fleeting life is.

Now her children are all grown and out of the home, leaving Lisa even more freedom for her passions of running, traveling, and exploring the world. It has also opened up the opportunity to be available for birth clients and the time commitment it takes to specialize in them.

Lisa has been in the birth industry for 21 years in one capacity or another from a labor and delivery nurse of 19 years to a birth photographer and filmmaker.

Feb. 13, 2022

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