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Montreece Hardy

Executive Assistant/D&IA Partner Consultant

Montreece E. Hardy is a multi-passionate professional that captures the essence of “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”
An executive assistant for Bellwether Education Partners, and certified DEIA Partner with Diversity Crew, she has had over a decade of experience consulting and outsourcing her professional experience in business operations, writing, communications, and created memorable events for key stakeholders, for multiple small businesses.
Hardy has supported C-suite leaders across varying industries. Her BA and MA are from CSU Dominguez Hills and the University of Phoenix. Her academic past is decorated with multiple scholarships, grants and achievements that pale in comparison to motherhood and the privilege of raising her elementary-aged son and daughter. Surviving tragedy and hardship has been her ultimate award and motivation for writing and advocating for people to “human” better in all public spaces and the workplace, and as she says, embracing diverse life experiences.
Montreece has a newfound lease on life after being diagnosed as legally blind in 2019. After making many adjustments to new life skills she has embraced her unique new life experience and found success as an author, leader, and generalist consultant. She takes every opportunity she gets to educate others on the importance of understanding how disability is diversity.
Montreece is leading the meaningful work of spreading accessibility awareness because she is passionate about equitable leadership opportunities for all. Her intrinsic motivation comes not only from formalized education and training, but her lived experience.
Recognizing that all facets of her intersectionality are consistently misunderstood and undervalued, she is nearly obsessed with empowering others to celebrate their uniqueness and advocate for themselves and others.

Sept. 4, 2022

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