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Sandy Lowres

Founder, WB40; Podcast Producer + Host

Sandy is the Founder and Creative Director of the independent platform WB40 - Women Beyond Forty, a digital magazine and host of The Good Girl Confessional Podcast. WB40 mag is written by women for women, changing the narrative around women beyond the age of forty.
Sandy is also the producer and host of The Good Girl Confessional Podcast which invites empowering and interesting women to tell their own stories of the challenges and beauty of life as women. Sandy believes every woman has a story, and the voices of women should be heard.

Aug. 1, 2021

Women Beyond Forty Founder + Creative Director, Sandy Lowres

“As women, I do think we start to come into our own in our 40’s and more so as we get older into our 50’s, as you get to this age you start to think there’s actually some pretty cool …

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