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Toni Collis

Podcast Host + Leadership Coach

Toni Collis is a keynote speaker, host of the Leading Women in Tech Podcast, career strategist, and leadership coach for Women in Tech. Having worked in the tech industry, and making her way to the C-Suite, and seeing the impact that can have on tech, on corporate culture, inclusion and much more, Toni is on a mission to help women in tech thrive. Because when women in tech thrive, everyone benefits.

After creating her own version of success, moving from academia to industry and entering the C-suite within 7 years of completing her full-time education Toni has made it her personal mission to help other women get to a place they love, on their terms, without following a broken ‘blueprint’ for the way things have to be.

Aug. 29, 2021

Supporting Women in Tech Equals A Win For All, A Conversation with Wo…

“I’m on a mission to change the tech industry, by getting more women into senior roles so that we can change the culture and lift…

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