Feb. 3, 2022

Hen & Deb...Unbound! A Bonus Episode With Hen Barker, Founder, Assistants Together

Hen & Deb...Unbound! A Bonus Episode With Hen Barker, Founder, Assistants Together

“Always treat every day of your job search like your first day because then you are keeping your options open and keeping in the game. Make sure you are utilizing every opportunity and not letting one of them go by; until you sign that contract, you are still looking for a job”

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This episode has been a long time coming friends! Henrietta Barker is a fellow podcaster, and Founder of Assistants Together recruiting firm.  Hen and I have wanted to collaborate on a show for months! And I'm happy to say that it's finally happened!

Hen is  a rock star podcaster who  engages her guests in real conversations about the administrative  and executive assistant professions.  As a recruiter Hen takes that engaging personality and applies it to her clients, brining industry backed experience and a desire to see her clients succeed in every interaction.

We were having such a good time that we had no choice but to turn this is into a special two-part show; be sure to check out the other half of our conversation at Hen's Assistants Together podcast.

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Henrietta BarkerProfile Photo

Henrietta Barker

Founder, Assistants Together

Henrietta "Hen" Barker is an experienced recruiter who has worked within the Executive Assistant space for many years. She works with companies to deliver thoughtful, intelligent and dynamic recruitment processes; challenging their needs and finding assistants who make a measurable difference in the work they deliver.

Hen partners with businesses in finance, private equity, media and digital who value and understand the positive impact a high caliber administrative professional brings to a company.