Oct. 9, 2022

Leading From Our Living Rooms, A Conversation With The Living Room Leader Author, Debbie Goodman

Leading From Our Living Rooms, A Conversation With The Living Room Leader Author, Debbie Goodman

“Everybody became a Living Room Leader in the early days of lockdown; depending on your home setup, you were leading from the living room, from the bathroom, from the closet…everyone was forced into this remote work leadership situation."

I was incredibly excited for the opportunity to Have A Seat with Debbie Goodman, author of Amazon #1 best seller, The Living Room Leader: Leadership Lessons for a Hybrid Future. 

As Debbie has stated, around mid-March 2020 or thereabouts, many became Living Room Leaders (or Bedroom/Kitchen/Garage Leaders), having to figure out new ways to manage, motivate, hire and engage their teams with no road map, no ‘best practice’ guidelines, and no ‘how-to-lead-remote-teams-RIGHT-NOW’ training manual.

As CEO of Jack Hammer Global, Debbie understands the shift that many leaders have had to make in record time, in order to lead, hire and engage their people, during what is undoubtedly the most challenging work-life experience that any of us have ever encountered.

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Debbie Goodman

Group CEO / Author / Board Advisor

Currently based in California, I am Group CEO of Jack Hammer, a global group of executive search, talent advisory and leadership coaching companies. These include: Jack Hammer USA (which focuses on disruptive industries including Ed-tech), Jack Hammer Africa (Africa’s largest executive search boutique), OntheBlock (executive placements for blockchain, crypto and NFT companies), and Virtual Coaching Partners (an online leadership coaching platform).

For the last 20 years, I have been helping boards and CEO’s - from large established companies and NPOs to VC- backed start-ups – with their most important people, leadership and talent decisions. After all these years, my highest excitement comes from working with some of the world's most progressive leaders, cultivating amazing workplaces where everyone thrives.

I currently act as Advisor to CoinFund (a blockchain VC fund), and to Rebel Girls (a global multi-platform girl-driven edutainment company); I also coach founder-CEOs who want to accelerate their leadership skills as their companies scale and grow.

My first book (on team culture), “IntheFlow – Taking Mindfulness to Work”, was listed in the ‘Top 10 Best’ business books. My second one, “The Living Room Leader - Leadership Lessons for a Hybrid Future”, has recently launched and is a Nr 1 Amazon Bestseller.

As a serial entrepreneur, my background is somewhat unconventional: In my ‘first’ career, I was an award-winning contemporary dancer and choreographer…whilst completing my law degree.

As much as I loved being a professional choreographer, I have found tremendous creativity in the world of business and leadership. The rigor and mastery required is extraordinarily intense, but utterly rewarding. Just like being a dancer!