Dec. 14, 2020

Marketing, HR + Comics, A Conversation with Megan Purdy

Marketing, HR + Comics, A Conversation with Megan Purdy

“We always hear the question….where are the women? The women are always right there, in any category, they’re always just right there, you’re just not seeing them. They’ve been there doing the work, from the start, they’ve contributed to your industry, they’ve helped frame it, but you keep ignoring them or forgetting them or erasing them”

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So how would marketing and HR intersect and work together? My guest Megan Purdy tells how it can be done and so much more. Megan is a content marketer and project manager specializing in Human Resources, HR Tech and all things people. After ten years as a freelance writer and editor, she made the jump into the startup world as an Operations Manager at Canadian Payroll Services, where she worked to renew their processes and corporate brand. 

After two years working with the CPS team, she moved over to its sister company, Cronos Consulting Group, as a Marketing Manager, where she works with clients that need to expand their workforce and transform their hiring process.  

In addition to discussing all things HR, marketing and tech, Megan also shared her thoughts on what it takes to become a solopreneur; with first hand knowledge and insight, Megan provided key factors we should consider before making the leap completely from our 9 - 5.  

Fun fact! Megan was also the managing editor and founder of Women Write About Comics, a community for women who, as you guessed it, write about comics. From reviewing comics to sharing thoughts and ideas about comics, to offering support to existing and up and coming women comic writers, this group was founded with women in mind.  

I invite you to Have A Seat with Megan to hear about her incredible career journey. Megan absolutely captured the spirit of this show and I can’t wait to share her story with you.

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Megan PurdyProfile Photo

Megan Purdy

Marketing Manager

Megan Purdy is a Marketing Manager for Canadian Payroll Services (CPS), a Professional Employer Organization focused on connecting Canadian talent with global businesses and its sister company, Cronos Consulting Group.

Over the years she has worked as a freelance writer, recruiter, and was the managing editor and founder of Women Write About Comics.