Sept. 18, 2022

Conversations About Podcasting! Let's Do This!

Conversations About Podcasting! Let's Do This!

Conversation doesn't just reshuffle the cards; it creates new cards.― Theodore Zeldin

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Before we dive into this week’s conversation, can I ask you a couple of questions? Have you at any point thought,  “Hmmm, I like to talk and share experiences, I wonder if I could create a podcast?” or “I wonder if having a podcast would benefit my business in any way, is this something I should explore?” 

The rumors are true, starting a podcast is simple, yes, but there is also time and money involved, so before you dive into your podcast adventure and get too far down the path, let’s chat! I’m here for you and happy to answer any podcasting questions you may have. I share more about this in this week's quick minicast. Take a listen!

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Thank you for listening!

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Debra Coleman

Producer | Host

Creating Have A Seat...Conversations with Women in the Workplace Podcast was a way for me to engage in weekly conversations with women about their career journey and share them in a fun and supportive way. I truly believe we all have a unique story to tell; we add value in what we do and are rock stars in our own right and I'm excited to bring you these stories every week.