Aug. 22, 2021

Minicast: I Found My Voice At Work And It Paid Off!

Minicast: I Found My Voice At Work And It Paid Off!

"The only way to find your voice is to use it." ~ Jen Mueller

"I'm so glad you said something, because I was too afraid to say it." Sound familiar? Sadly, all too familiar am I right?

 This week I pulled up my proverbial chair at the table and not only found my voice, but  used it as well and it paid off in an amazing way. I did it! Go Me! I was so proud of myself for not only what I said but for finding the courage to do so.

Listen, I know we hear our wonderful thought leaders and career coaches counsel us time and time again to find our voices, pull up a chair and grab that seat. I'm here to tell you, they are 100% right and I couldn't wait to grab the mic and share my story with you.

After you hear my tale, do me a favor. Head over to my website and connect with me and let me know, did I miss the mark or hit the nail on the head? Or maybe you have your own win that you'd like to share? Either way I welcome the chance to continue the conversation with you too! 

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