Feb. 5, 2023

Preventing Work Burnout With Anjali and Urvina, Creators of UKAN Coaching

Preventing Work Burnout With Anjali and Urvina, Creators of UKAN Coaching

"As women we’re really good at soldiering on and pushing through our problems, instead of delegating. It’s really hard for us to recognize when we are feeling burnt out. It’s really hard to acknowledge when we’ve reached that burnt out stage. But it comes at a cost, and that cost is ourselves."

Meet Anjali and Urvina, creators of UKAN Coaching whose sole mission is to accelerate unhappy career women into jobs they love! At UKAN Coaching they are here to help us achieve our goals and take control of our lives.

Conversation highlights:

  • Top concerns for women returning to work
  • How to recognize career burn out
  • Ways that UKAN Coaching can help with both

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At Ukan Coaching, Urvina and Anjali, we are Career Coaches accelerating unhappy career women into jobs they love.

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