Aug. 31, 2020

Romance Novelist, Majken Selinder Nilsson

Romance Novelist, Majken Selinder Nilsson

“Just get it out there, just write at first, don’t worry about making it pretty or any editing, when the bug bites you, just sit down and do it”

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Have A Seat with Majken Nilsson! Successful author of A Good Kind of Crazy, Western Skies and soon to be released A Twist of Faith. 

After a particularly difficult year, Majken started writing novels, finding during the process of healing that she really enjoyed and had a knack for it. This was not surprising, as Majken always had a vividly active imagination, having not only one but two imaginary friends as a child.

Even as an adult, her characters come to life in her head and their personal stories often flow out faster than she can type.

I was thrilled to chat with Majken not only because I’m a huge reader and the chance to speak to an accomplished author is always exciting, but also because I had the added pleasure of chatting with a former Nevadan!


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Majken Selinder Nilsson


A native Nevadan from a small town, who also spent some time living in her ancestral home of Sweden, Ms. Selinder Nilsson is now a transplanted Southerner, where she lives with her very understanding family, who accepts that she stays up way too late writing, and all of whom are now used to calling her name several times to get her attention whenever she is in front of her computer.

Successful author of A Good Kind of Crazy and Western Skies. Follow this amazing author so you don’t miss out on her next release, A Twist of Faith!