May 13, 2021

Shifting Perceptions + Changing the Game, A Conversation with Abam Mambo

Shifting Perceptions + Changing the Game, A Conversation with Abam Mambo

“When opportunities come calling, know what you’re about, know what you need, check those boxes, say yes and figure out the rest later.”

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Abam learned at an early age that to be a master of all trades was to be a master of none. She took that notion and flipped it building a life for herself that is filled with huge accomplishments and dreams fulfilled.

Abam is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker and podcast host, sparking conversations on subjects such as bias and the inclusive workplace, empowerment, and inspired leadership.

Abam's mission is truly centered around purpose, transformation and embracing life changing opportunities; I can't wait to share her journey and life lessons with all of you.

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Abam Mambo: International Keynote Speaker


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Abam Mambo

Lawyer + Speaker + Podcast Host

Abam is a highly sought-after speaker on Bias and the Inclusive Workplace, Empowerment, and Inspired Leadership. A writer, lawyer, and podcast host, Abam is a gifted storyteller who brings passion, dynamism and a unique perspective to the stage.
Her experience counselling Fortune 500 C-suite executives, living and leading teams on three continents, and writing have endowed her with an uncanny ability to connect with audiences, and to communicate in a cross-cultural and trans-hierarchical context. She has spoken at corporate events and training, congresses, and commencements in nearly a dozen countries. Notable appearances include the World Health Organization, GSK, Transparency International, Corporate Counsel Women of Color, and The Boardroom Africa.