Oct. 2, 2022

The Beauty of Female Empowerment, A Conversation with MyWays Blog Creator, Urmi Hossain

The Beauty of Female Empowerment, A Conversation with MyWays Blog Creator, Urmi Hossain

“I created my blog because I think what we should do is provide the necessary tools for women so they can learn things themselves and make the right decisions for their life”

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Are you newly launched from your parents home facing all things adulting? Or maybe, due to life circumstances, you find yourself going it alone and having to face all things from household chores to managing finances?

Or maybe you fall somewhere in between? Either way, this conversation with MyWays blog creator Urmi Hossain is the show for you.

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Urmi HossainProfile Photo

Urmi Hossain

I have more than five years of work experience in the financial industry with a background in Honours in Finance, and currently pursuing my CFA designation.
To say that finance is my passion is an understatement as it is a love that continuously helped me gain a more profound knowledge of the financial world and helped me explore my desire to teach finance to girls and women during my free time.

I am energetic and enthusiastic when it comes to "Invest in Yourself”. I am a big proponent of self-education and self-development. As part of my growth, I am part of the Toastmasters Organization as an active member and President of the Club to become a distinguished speaker and a dynamic leader. My personal goals? Being an inspiration and making an impact through my voice.

I am an inquisitive person with a constant eagerness to learn who searches for answers in educational books and inspirational podcasts.

Three adjectives that describe me? Dynamic, Disciplined, and Determined!