Have A Seat...Conversations With Women In The Workplace

Have A Seat...Conversations With Women In The Workplace

A lighthearted but heartfelt conversation with women about the work they do and the journey that brought them to pursue their career path.

Each week guests will share the inspiring lessons they've learned along their personal career journey, the good, the bad, the ups and downs and everything in between. You'll also hear fascinating content from industry experts on a variety of workplace related subjects, and from time to time, be treated to an occasional mini show from me on career related topics.

I welcome you to please join me...have a seat....and enjoy conversations with women in the workplace!

Recent Episodes

Mini Thoughts

Minicast Mid Career Malaise

Nov. 23, 2020

"I'm no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I'm changing the things I cannot accept." ~Ang…

Bossed Up

Author, Podcast Host and The Construction Coach Founder, Elinor Moshe

Nov. 16, 2020

“Being a thought leader is everything I love; it is so aligned with everything I love doing, it’s t…

Bossed Up

Author and Wellness Coach, Kathy Robinson

Nov. 9, 2020

“The whole point of wellness and this journey is not selfish, it’s about being the best person you …