Have A Seat...Conversations With Women In The Workplace


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Fun & Informative

I loved being a guest on Have a Seat podcast. Debra is high energy and engaging and helps her guests share valuable insights for life with her listeners!

Fun Chat with a Fellow Force Multiplier!

Debra is awesome! We had a great conversation about the roles of EA vs. Chief of Staff, increasing the understanding and visibility into the roles of leaders and assistants, and the importance of building strategic partnerships (between a leader and their right hand AND between Force Multipliers). Debra is a fantastic host, who asks great questions, while keeping the conversation fun and engaging. Thank you Debra!

What a wonderful experience!

I had a wonderful time participating to be in the show! It was the first time I talked publicly like this about a topic so near and dear to my heart. Debra put me completely at ease and we had a great conversation!

Fun Fun Fun

The podcast was easy going and made simple and fun by Debra who had a wonderful ability to ask the right questions making for very interesting and fluid conversation. We thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to more such conversations.

Brilliant! I highly recommend!

“So empowering! Love this show and the host!”

Debra is a wonderful host!

Debra asked thoughtful questions and kept the interview on track in the area of my expertise. She is upbeat and easy to talk to. I also appreciated Debra giving me the space to share. I never felt rushed or like I couldn't fully express what I wanted to say.

Debra and this podcast is an incredible experience!

This podcast is an incredible avenue to share stories, laugh, connect be real and have real conversation. Debra as a host is beyond any other host I've worked with where she is so intune with her guests and bring the conversation to life in the most dynamic ways possible. Everytime I come on, it is truly a joy and I can't wait to come back again!

Debra is a fantastic interviewer!

I really enjoyed the conversation with Debra; she asks great questions, and the session felt free-flowing with a structured foundation. Super impressed!

Fun Interview, great host!

It was so much fun connecting with Debra on her podcast--she clearly does her homework and came well-prepared for our conversation. She is raising issues important to women, and doing it in a heartful, generous way--love it!

Best host ever

I had the pleasure of doing a podcast interview with Debra. She is one of the best hosts I have ever met. She is engaging, very friendly and smiley. I highly recommend her podcast show. It’s full of insights and tricks we can apply in our daily life

Engaging and Lively Conversation

Debra is an excellent host! She made me feel comfortable from the start and our conversation was easy from start to finish. Thank you so much Debra for the incredible conversation - welcome me back anytime!

Debra is amazing!

What a great interview. Debra is a genius when it comes to asking the right questions and providing amazing value to her listeners because of it. Debra, you are amazing, thanks for all you do!!

Great show!

Debra is a wonderful host and brings a number of important issues to the table. I thoroughly enjoyed being on her podcast and will definitely subscribe so I can stay up to date! Thank you Debra!

Like an old friend

My cheeks hurt from smiling - that's how wonderfully welcomed Debra made me feel. No awkward gaps in the conversation, no meaningless chatter. Just right to the heart of things, which made the whole experience quite valuable to me. Thank you! It was an honor.

So much energy!

Debra is very engaging, like listening to friends have a conversation but with great take-aways for life and work. So fun to listen too, you can feel the energy!

Great conversation

It was such a pleasure speaking with Debra. Her energy and enthusiasm really helped spark conversation! The time flew by during our podcast and I loved every minute of it. Thank you for having me on your shoe!

I Can't Wait to be a Guest Again!

Chatting with Debra was a delightful way to end a very busy work day. She's incredibly easy to talk with, asks relevant and meaningful questions, and truly desires to have open dialogue. It was a pleasure to talk with her about my career in the EA/PA space and my struggles/adventures supporting Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. I can't wait to chat with her again!

Wonderful, engaging host

I really appreciated the way Debra approached the conversation. Her questions were well thought out, the conversation flowed and I almost forgot I was on the "hot seat" to answer questions. Thanks Debra for this engaging podcast!

Thanks for our wonderful chat!

Dear Debra, thanks so much for our wonderful podcast chat yesterday. I so enjoyed your relaxed & friendly style. It put me at ease and got me talking up a storm! I loved some of your slightly left of center questions too, that encouraged me to share more deeply what I do and why! Keep up the great work helping inspire and encourage working women! You are wonderful! Kind regards, Dr Kathryn Owler (The Happiness at Work Coach)

How fun

This podcast was so much fun and easy flowing! It was great talking about all of my experiences and getting to share my knowledge! Thank you for being so fun, patient, and understanding! I had a great time and loved answering all of your questions! Can’t wait to be back on the show!

Professional and Fun!

Loved the time with Debra on her podcast. She has a natural talent for listening and creating meaningful conversations. She has terrific discernment and a knack for bringing out the best in her guests. From start to finish, she is both professional and fun!

Glad I found this podcast

Debra hosts eloquent and insightful conversations that are needed in the administrative leadership space. I look forward to her episodes!

Fantastic, genuine, professional, insightful

Have A Seat Podcast is a source of inspiration and transformation for anyone interested in learning about women in the workplace. The host is so authentic, warm, asking intelligent questions and the conversations are so rich and valuable. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone really!

Powerful Perspectives for Positive Change

A lively engaging conversation is something I enjoy! Being a guest on Debra's podcast was a positive experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to collaborate and dive deep into topics that inspire others to ride the waves of change.

Dynamic and Engaging Career Conversations

Debra Coleman's conversations with women regarding their work, career paths and lessons learned, interspersed with her reflections on the conversation, is pure gold. Debra is an experienced and reflective interviewer who brings out the best in her guests.

Great, supportive content

Debra hosts conversations that are insightful and content rich. I really appreciate the real, inspiring mentors from which we all can learn.

A host that is in your corner!

If you are looking for a podcast show and host that is in your corner, look no further! This show is created by women, for women and is the real deal. I had the honor to appear as a guest on Deb’s podcast and found her to be warm, caring and authentic. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her show, and her laughter is the best! If you are a woman looking to make your mar in the world, this is a must have resource in your professional growth toolkit.

Love this podcast!

Debra Coleman brings her 'A' game to every episode with an intelligent and insightful look into today's challenges and opportunities related to women in the workplace. Her conversation style is smooth, entertaining, and easy to identify with. Love her energy! If you're looking for inspired conversations and real solutions, have a seat.

I just discovered this podcast series!

Always amazing insights. Love the authentic interaction between Debra and her guests. Highly recommend.

Outstanding podcast experience!

Recording the podcast with Debra was just so much fun and it was a great experience and opportunity for both of us to support the Assistant industry. Especially in these challenging times. I highly recommend Debra and her podcast to anyone in the admin industry. Her enthusiasm and passion are infectious!