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A safe space

Gah! I'm loving this podcast. Insightful, relevant, and genuine, Debra does a great job of making this podcast feel like your sitting on a comfy couch having coffee with a couple of close friends. I feel so connected listening to stories from other women about their experiences, which is SO needed,…

Inspiring conversations YOU need to hear

Debra is talking to me! After one episode I am empowered to take charge of how I am showing up in the workplace and determined to own it. The guest interviews are awesome but my favs are the mini casts.

Please have a seat with Debra!

I was honored to be a guest on Debra's podcast. Her questions were intelligent and sparked true conversation between us. I felt like we were having a dialogue rather than an ask and answer session. Debra's warmth, humility and love for admin professionals and women in business shines through every …