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I just discovered this podcast series!

Always amazing insights. Love the authentic interaction between Debra and her guests. Highly recommend.

Outstanding podcast experience!

Recording the podcast with Debra was just so much fun and it was a great experience and opportunity for both of us to support the Assistant industry. Especially in these challenging times. I highly recommend Debra and her podcast to anyone in the admin industry. Her enthusiasm and passion are infec…

Very great podcast

I really love the concept of this podcast is and how each and every episode and the guest interviews leave you with a lot of valuable knowledge not only business-wise but also with your personal life as well. I am looking forward to hearing more episodes!

Amazing Host!

I love what you are doing Debra.! You are an amazing host, loved the natural conversation flow of this podcast. Love that we are talking about women stuff in a male-dominated world.! We have so much to offer and nice to see someone out there lifting up women! Great job and wishing much success to y…

Love the podcast!

Debra's warm and inviting energy creates a trust and space for her guests that is such a delight to listen to! Excellent podcast for any woman in business with a great range of topics and guests.

She asks all the right questions!

Such a fun and interesting interviewer who asks all the right questions. Definitely worth a listen.

Great conversationalist

Debra creates space for good, fun conversation that brings to light truth and inspiration for women in the workforce. Not only practical advice, but the why/psychology behind it.

5 Star Hostess

I didn’t get a chance to hear all of Haelee’s interview this evening, but I enjoyed the parts that I heard. You truly are an excellent host by and large. Thank you for allowing her to elevate her voice in leveraging your platform, making us both laugh, and helpful tips should she decide to start he…

A safe space

Gah! I'm loving this podcast. Insightful, relevant, and genuine, Debra does a great job of making this podcast feel like your sitting on a comfy couch having coffee with a couple of close friends. I feel so connected listening to stories from other women about their experiences, which is SO needed,…

Inspiring conversations YOU need to hear

Debra is talking to me! After one episode I am empowered to take charge of how I am showing up in the workplace and determined to own it. The guest interviews are awesome but my favs are the mini casts.

Please have a seat with Debra!

I was honored to be a guest on Debra's podcast. Her questions were intelligent and sparked true conversation between us. I felt like we were having a dialogue rather than an ask and answer session. Debra's warmth, humility and love for admin professionals and women in business shines through every …