March 9, 2020

Meeting and Site Selection Specialist Keshena Patterson

Meeting and Site Selection Specialist Keshena Patterson

“I know just a little bit to be dangerous”

A direct quote from my awesome guest, Kesheha Patterson and she couldn’t be more right! Keshena is an absolute go-getter; the passion Keshena has for her career as a meeting and site selection specialist comes shining through in our conversation.

Coming from a medical device training background which transitioned to her career within the corporate travel industry, Keshena gives us a behind the curtain view of what it takes to be in the event planning business. I learned so much from her and absolutely loved our chat and I know you will too!

The service Keshena provides is complementary to her clients. Connect with her today, she would welcome the opportunity to be a resource for your meeting and site selection needs!



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