Feb. 3, 2020

Successful Entrepreneur and Spiritual Advisor Kwasida Jones

Successful Entrepreneur and Spiritual Advisor Kwasida Jones

"You are the artist of your own life; don't hand the paintbrush to anyone else."

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Today's show was so enlightening! I had the pleasure of interviewing a very busy entrepreneur, Kwasida Jones. From owning two businesses to launching her own podcast, this trailblazer is forging her own paths and having fun doing it!

Listen in as we hear the secrets to Kwasida's success and her exciting plans for the future!

Thanks for listening!

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Kwasida JonesProfile Photo

Kwasida Jones

Certified Reiki Healer and Spiritual Advisor

Kwasida Afi is a Spirit Healer. Her parents gave her names that are in true alignment with her life's work. Kwasida means Sunday in the West African language Twi. The name Afi is also from West Africa and means Spiritual. Her names truly fit her as she is an empath and was born with many spiritual gifts including the gift of clairaudient (hearing/listening to spirit) claircognizance (a knowing), clairsentience (feeling spirit).

She uses her gifts as a certified Reiki healer and spiritual advisor.