Jan. 27, 2020

Orientation and Mobility Specialist and #1 Sister Sandy Mosher

Orientation and Mobility Specialist and #1 Sister Sandy Mosher

"Tell me and I forget; teach me and I remember; involve me and I learn."

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Today's show was super special because I got to chat with my sister, Sandy Mosher! Sandy is an Orientation & Mobility Specialist with a school district in Orange County, CA. I thought I knew enough to answer the question of what an O & M Specialist does, but after today's interview I realized I didn't know near enough. I hope you enjoy this show, it meant a lot to us to collaborate together and we had such a good time doing it too.

Definition of an O & M Specialist as provided by Sandy:

An Orientation & Mobility Specialist teaches individuals with visual impairments to travel safely, confidently and independently in their environment. They work with infants, children and adults, usually one on one, in the students' home, school or community environment.

 If you're interested in learning more about what an Orientation & Mobility Specialist does have specific questions for Sandy, have ideas on the show or if you would like to be a guest yourself, please feel free to contact me at:


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Sandy MosherProfile Photo

Sandy Mosher

Orientation + Mobility Specialist

Sandy Mosher is a Mobility Specialist working with visually impaired students in Orange County, CA. She is my sister by chance and a friend by choice.