Jan. 9, 2023

3 Quick Tips About Executive Presence

3 Quick Tips About Executive Presence

Hello Again! Okay, full disclosure, it's January, and it's the month I celebrate three years of producing and hosting, Have A Seat...Conversations With Women in the Workplace podcast! 🥳

I am so excited to be able to say that. And I thank you, my awesome crew, for being there with me along this incredible journey. It's been quite the adventure with much more in store for 2023.

So, in honor of celebrating this podcasting anniversary, let me begin with a question.

Have you heard of the phrase executive presence? Intriguing isn't it? I honestly really like the term and think it can cover a lot. I believe as we move up in our respective careers, we have more of an opportunity to engage with leadership teams and members of management, and as such, must adjust or learn to operate with what is called "executive presence."

To me, executive presence can be the way we conduct ourselves when our boss isn't in the room, from the way we engage with colleagues to the emails we send even the way we speak over the phone, all can add up to our executive presence.

Here are 3 tips I'd like to share about executive presence:

  • operating with executive presence is a mindset change: it's not something that happens overnight and will look different for everyone
  • having executive presence matters in our roles, especially as we progress in our career, and move up our individual career ladder, and
  • all of this can tie together to become a part of our professional brand, which can play a huge role in our evaluations, promotion eligibility and potential leadership opportunities.

So, did I hit the mark or was I way off base? I would love to hear your thoughts! Connect with me through the Contact Me form or through the Register to be a Guest link and let's continue the executive presence conversation.