Nov. 21, 2021

Celebrating Our Wins!

Celebrating Our Wins!

As we enter into this time of the year, seeing the end of the calendar come at us in full force, I think for many of us, no matter our background, getting towards the end of another year, can bring about times of reflection and pause amongst all the holiday dashing around. I guess what's top of mind right now, is a hope for us to find the time, if even for a few minutes, to turn around, look back at the past 11 months and celebrate our wins! 

I recently posted on LinkedIn, if you're connected with me, you might have seen my post, which talked about breaking the habit of talking about our problems and instead, begin recognizing and celebrating our wins, accomplishments and joys. This is something that I'm guilty of too. I'm absolutely raising my hand here and admit that sometimes it's too easy to focus on the negative and to engage in negative narratives rather than uplifting ones.

I fully acknowledge that it can be harder to flip the script and focus on what we may be really proud of at the moment or to share a kudo or a positive tale. I know for women sometimes we may feel a little push and pull with this because it's almost like a humble brag kind of situation and for many of us, we don't always feel comfortable wearing that coat. But maybe we need to start. 

I made a small promise to myself, that the next time that question comes up in any conversation I’m engaged in, I will stop, take a beat and flip through my internal file folder and share some recent joys or wins. Not only will that aid in reminding me what an adorable badass I am, but it may also prompt my conversation partner to share their joys too and who wouldn’t want to be engaged in a conversation like that?  

My wish for you as you enter into the hustle and bustle of the end of year and holiday season is this...if you find yourself in those inevitable, “so what have you been up to lately?” chats, that you’ll wait just a beat and sprinkle more of your joyful and proud moments into your answer too.