Sept. 13, 2022

Collaboration For The Win!

Collaboration For The Win!

I was recently pulled (unwillingly) into a very toxic exchange on LI with....oh....well....let's just call them "an OG EA influencer." No sooner did I think it was a mistake to engage like this both for my personal brand and overall mental health, when boom! Out of nowhere a bucket load of support for the point I was desperately trying to make, came pouring in. I was touched, humbled, floored and so proud of those who saw the open minded point I was trying to convey and championed behind it in spite of the ugliness that was being posted by the "OG."

Which brings me to this more positive vibe blog post. When my friend and fellow podcaster, Annie Croner, asked me to hop on the mic and do a quick show for her Whole Assistant podcast on collaboration, well, my only answer was "yes please!"

If you operate from a more collaborative mindset and find joy and motivation hearing other EA's do the same, then I invite you to take a quick listen to our chat found here:

Collaboration for the win! Let's try to embrace being inclusive and open minded rather than the opposite, which can be so draining on our emotional and mental well being. As an EA herself, Annie absolutely understand that the struggle is real. If you find you would like to dive a bit deeper into your overall wellbeing as an administrative professional, I encourage you to connect with Annie using the links in the episode page, to discuss how she might assist you in finding that balance.