Nov. 7, 2021

Sharing My Adoptee Story

Sharing My Adoptee Story

i was honored to sit down recently and share my experience with being an adoptee with Sarah Michelle Wong, the host of the "do you know?" podcast

sarah and i met when she was a guest on my show to share her adoptee story with me. so it was an automatic yes when sarah started her show and asked me to sit down and share my story with her. it was such a welcoming experience as sarah is also someone who was adopted into a family outside of her race and knows all too well the emotional, mental and spiritual components that can come into play.

sarah was an incredibly gracious host, allowing the space and patience for my story to unfold. a wonderful experience from start to finish; i can't thank Sarah Michelle Wong enough for providing us the opportunity to bond in this way and i'm doubly excited to share our conversation with you!

Listen to our conversation here!

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