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Nov. 20, 2022

My "Aha Moment" About Arguing, A Have A Seat Minicast

I don’t have to attend every argument I’m invited to - WC Fields

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Nov. 13, 2022

A Hard Truth About Burnout, A Have A Seat Minicast

"Sometimes all that you need is someone who can believe in you; more than you do."― Andy Grammar

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Nov. 6, 2022

Quiet Quitting Is Real, A Have A Seat Minicast

We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.…

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Oct. 30, 2022

Lessons Learned From Our Younger Selves, A Spooky Have A Seat Minicast

"When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween."

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Oct. 23, 2022

Office Tips & Tricks, Have A Seat With Me And Let's Chat About It, A …

"You can’t be that kid standing at the top of the water slide, overthinking it. You have to go down the chute." ~ Tina Fey

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Sept. 18, 2022

Conversations About Podcasting! Let's Do This!

Conversation doesn't just reshuffle the cards; it creates new cards.― Theodore Zeldin

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Aug. 21, 2022

Just A Little Chat About Inclusion + Being An Introvert, Come A Have …

A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, springs up and makes new trees . ~ Amelia Earhart

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July 24, 2022

Oh No! Not The Dreaded 1:1's! A Have A Seat Minicast

Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.― Booker T. Washington

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June 19, 2022

Empathy & Compassion Walk Into A Bar, A Sassy Have A Seat Minicast

Where there is perfection there is no story to tell.― Ben Okri

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May 22, 2022

A Have A Seat Minicast: Let's Talk Training!

The next time you’re tasked with teaching someone something, remember: it’s only easy for you because you already know how to do …

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April 17, 2022

Rising To The Level of Our Talent, A Sassy Have A Seat Minicast

"There comes a point when you have to rise to the level of your talent"― Ryan Clark

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March 20, 2022

You Asked, I Answered, Listener Q & A Part 2! A Have A Seat Minicast

Hope is a renewable option: If you run out of it at the end of the day, you get to start over in the morning.― Barbara Kingsolver

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Feb. 20, 2022

You Asked, I Answered! A Have A Seat Minicast Q & A

"The most valuable lesson I’ve learned as a journalist is that everybody is interesting if you ask the right questions. If someon…

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Jan. 16, 2022

Minicast: Celebrating Year Two! What A Journey It's Been

When you listen, it's amazing what you can learn. When you act on what you've learned, it's amazing what you can change. ― Audrey…

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Dec. 12, 2021

Happy Holidays! Episode 100, Sharing My Story, My Turn In The Hot Seat

There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self. ― Aldous Huxley

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