April 6, 2020

Admin Pro Day 2020

Admin Pro Day 2020

Teddy bears? Perfume? Cupcakes? Lunches out? Nope! Why not try something different this year?

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For Administrative Professionals Day, celebrated this year on Wednesday, April 22, I challenge you to think outside of the box.

Gone are the days of trinkets and meals, this is a new era for today's admin professional, if we want to truly up-skill and level up the playing field then we're going to need to invest more time, money and energy into our professional development and career growth!

In today's show I share my thoughts on what that may look like, and why to survive in this ever changing work space, investing in yourself is your best bet.

Here is a link to an amazing virtual conference happening this month! A definite must for anyone from business managers to EA's! I have been asked to moderate several breakout sessions and I couldn't be more thrilled!  Attendee scholarships available! Who else does that?! An incredible event coordinated by an incredible team! 


Would you like to be a guest on the show or know of someone who you think would make an awesome guest?

Connect with me and let's continue the conversation!


Photo by Radu Florin from Pexels

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Creating Have A Seat...Conversations with Women in the Workplace Podcast was a way for me to engage in weekly conversations with women about their career journey and share them in a fun and supportive way. I truly believe we all have a unique story to tell; we add value in what we do and are rock stars in our own right and I'm excited to bring you these stories every week.