Sept. 14, 2020

A Candid Conversation with BAM Founder, Nadine King

A Candid Conversation with BAM Founder, Nadine King

“It’s important that whatever you do resonates with your spirit and resonates with who you are”

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In this episode, EA Coach, Author, Pastor and Black Admin Magic Founder...Nadine King! Truth be told, I had been a follower of Nadine’s for a while, and when we were offered the opportunity to be contributors for Melissa People’s e2 Conference in early 2020, I was beyond thrilled for the opportunity to collaborate with one of the top thought leaders in our industry.  

During our candid conversation we discussed workplace topics such as, surprising EA horror stories, the beauty of teamwork, the strength we should embrace in owning our roles and the interesting path that led her to take pen to paper and write her successful book, The Ninja: Chronicles of an Assistant. 

We lost our dear friend in 2021, however, those of you who were familiar with Nadine’s no nonsense style will absolutely appreciate hearing her insights into the unique challenges that we can experience along our career journey.

In remembrance of her fearless spirit, Have A Seat with Miss Nadine King.

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Nadine KingProfile Photo

Nadine King

Our beloved Nadine King was the author of The Ninja: Chronicles of an Assistant, Founder of the National Association of Black Administrative Professionals, a career coach, a highly sought after speaker, an executive assistant with over 20 years of experience and a beloved Pastor, mother, daughter, sister and wife.

Her abiding compassion and desire to lift others up compelled her to share herself selflessly with the world around her. She was the best and brightest of us all. We lost our dear sister in May 2021; however her positivity, grace and loving influence will remain with us always.