Nov. 30, 2020

Author and Star on the Rise, Jillian Rose

Author and Star on the Rise, Jillian Rose

“The biggest struggle for my generation is following societal’s a matter of staying on the path that you want for yourself...following your goals and your dreams, that’s something important for our generation to remember”

As you may be aware my goal with this podcast is to feature women in the workplace at all stages of their career journey, whether they are just starting out, have risen to the C-Suite or have branched out on their own entrepreneurship path. I believe we all have a story to share and it's our obligation to turn around and lend a supportive hand to the generation coming up behind us, because they are just as hopeful and fierce as we are. 

Jillian Rose is a woman on the rise; an up and coming author who pours her quirky, funny and emotional life experiences into her writing. After several years of working at a high-pressure sales job, Jillian decided to channel that experience into writing her first successful novel, Don't Kiss and Sell, the story about a woman embarking on a cutthroat career path, her appetite for success so ravenous that she will undertake whatever is necessary to become the ultimate power player. 

Jillian spent the next 5 years in Los Angeles building upon her writing career and is currently working on her second novel and co-writing her first screenplay. I invite you to Have A Seat with Jillian and hear more about her passion for writing and the funny and heart-warming moments that have made up her journey this far.

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Jillian Rose


Although she has a professional marketing and sales background, her greatest passion has always been creative writing. Aided by glasses of boxed wine, she started writing short stories in between studying for business courses at the University of Pittsburgh. Her writing continued after she jetted off to work in Tel Aviv after college, but she couldn't nail down a novel storyline.

After two years of a high-pressure sales job once she returned stateside, she knew this premise would make a worthwhile story. Don't Kiss and Sell is her first novel.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Jillian spent five years in Los Angeles and is currently am working on a second novel with the working title, "West of the 405." When it's not Covid, you can find her Sunday brunching, golfing, or attempting to stay physically fit. You can see more of her writing at: