Sept. 5, 2021

Becoming Your Own Boss + Building Your Own Business, A Conversation with Business and Mindset Coach, Suzie Flynn

Becoming Your Own Boss + Building Your Own Business, A Conversation with Business and Mindset Coach, Suzie Flynn

“Set some actions, so that you’re starting to build some momentum; stop saying I’ve been ‘thinking’ about this for years, I say, how’s that working out for you? Stop ‘thinking’ and start doing."

Aside from being someone whose content I have personally enjoyed following for several years, Suzie Flynn is one the most well-known and sought after career coaches and speakers for administrative professionals worldwide. Suzie inspires and coaches thousands of women who desire to pivot their career path to one with increased freedom and flexibility, by becoming their own boss. Through her engaging coaching sessions, shared expertise and real life experiences, Suzie helps her clients create and begin their virtual assistant businesses. 

I was thrilled to Have A Seat with her and engage in a candid conversation where Suzie shared advice on:

  • breaking through barriers that prevent us from believing in ourselves 
  • changing our mindset to come from a position of strength as we build our business 
  • key takeaways to starting your own business; and 
  • why middle earth beats hogwarts every time 

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LinkedIn: Award Winning Mindset & Business Coach - Suzie Flynn Coaching
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A few week after Suzie's episode dropped she sent me this message she received from someone who had listened to her show. It absolutely made my week! When two incredible women come together to collaborate and share their expertise and journey, magic truly happens!



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Suzie Flynn

Business and MIndset Coach, Speaker

Suzie Flynn is a highly sought after virtual assistant business coach and speaker. Suzie has made it her mission to empower assistants to believe in themselves and build a financially successful Virtual Assistant business, so that they can have the financial security, time and freedom they desire and deserve.

Suzie helps Executive Assistants build a financially successful Virtual Assistant business and attract their dream clients. By supporting clients her own life has transformed with opportunities to inspire thousands of assistants through speaking events at PA clubs, motivational corporate talks, and transforming lives through her coaching programs, weekly newsletters and inspiring content. Suzie has celebrated each one of her clients wins and is proud to have been part of their journey.