Jan. 23, 2022

Decorating Burnout Is Real! A Conversation With Interior Design Specialist, Danni Sinclair

Decorating Burnout Is Real! A Conversation With Interior Design Specialist, Danni Sinclair

“Design is about identifying what your particular style is and optimizing it to a place where it’s right for you and making you feel balanced and whole as a person”

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A degenerative back condition at a young age led Danni Sinclair to yoga where her creative process in finding balance, alignment and beauty in all spaces was born. It was that same philosophy that  drove her to starting her own interior design firm, Decohaus, where she  works in partnership with her clients to create an inviting space full of balance and beauty.  Listen in as Danni shares:

  • How she made the transition from a fast paced 9-5 to becoming her own boss
  • The importance our physical space plays in our mental wellbeing
  • The value of recognizing what isn’t working in our space along with what does

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Danni Sinclair


Having been in the design industry for over 15 years with experience in office and hospitality architecture as well as the fast-paced industry of expo and event design. Danni Sinclair launched her interior design firm, Decohous, out of the desire to expand her love of decorating living spaces and her drive to connect with people. ​
Decorating a home can be an intense process that comes with a lot of emotion and anxiety. Add that to the daily duties of work, relationships, kids and trying to fit in a workout and you've got more than a full plate. As a busy mom herself, Danni understands and strives to bring ease back into the decorating process for her clients.​
With Decohous, you will work together with Danni to create an inviting space by choosing beautiful furnishings and decor and create a space full of balance and beauty and inspired by YOU.