June 19, 2022

Empathy & Compassion Walk Into A Bar, A Sassy Have A Seat Minicast

Empathy & Compassion Walk Into A Bar, A Sassy Have A Seat Minicast

Where there is perfection there is no story to tell.― Ben Okri

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Yes this is another quick chat about WFH/remote work. I know you may be tired of hearing me speak on and on about the joys of working remotely, and I get it. However this week, I wanted to divert the conversation a bit and talk about the social emotional aspect of remote work, and call out the "mean person" tactics and attitudes that I've encountered along my WFH journey. So if you'll bear with me a few minutes, I share two quick areas I felt were worth mentioning.

Topic #1 - WFH Shade and Mean Person Tactics
Topic #2 - The End of the Agonizing In-Office Only Forced Fun Activities

As usual this minicast is a bit on the sassy side and as you may or may not know, I don't care, it's how I roll and I hope you  enjoy and appreciate the sarcasm, humor and candor.

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Debra Coleman

Producer | Host

Creating Have A Seat...Conversations with Women in the Workplace Podcast was a way for me to engage in weekly conversations with women about their career journey and share them in a fun and supportive way. I truly believe we all have a unique story to tell; we add value in what we do and are rock stars in our own right and I'm excited to bring you these stories every week.