Feb. 7, 2021

Finding our Brave + Making Bold Moves A Conversation With Mina Italiano + Adele Selby

Finding our Brave + Making Bold Moves A Conversation With Mina Italiano + Adele Selby

“Find what you love from your EA role and take from that what makes you happy and what brings you joy, and see where that leads, as it may evolve into something else” - Mina

“Even if you’re in one organization for a long time, don’t feel like your role is confined to that one box, look beyond that box and grasp other parts of your organization that you can add value to, that you enjoy and will give you more fulfillment.” - Adele

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You know those celebrities where last names are not needed, Beyonce, Cher, Madonna...well my guests today absolutely fall into that category. For those in the EA space, Mina and Adele are the dynamic duo that we all know and admire, they are strong advocates for administrative professionals worldwide and I was absolutely beyond THRILLED for the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with them.

Not only did we discuss the new challenges that EA’s face in today’s new workspace, but we also had lively chats about:

~ taking chances
~ being bold
~ thinking outside the box
~ finding the value in mentorship
~ their work with TRIB

As a bonus, Mina and Adele gave us a peek behind the curtain as to what it takes to maintain their successful partnership in running their joint venture, Sorelle Event & Network Consultants.

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Sorelle Event & Network Consultants

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Adele SelbyProfile Photo

Adele Selby

Co-Founder Sorelle Event & Network Consultants

I am an Executive Assistant to Craig Henderson, Co-Practice Group Leader (“PGL”) and Amer Husakovic, Lawyer of the Family & Relationship Law Department at Lander & Rogers. I am privileged to love the profession and to know that we are helping real people, changing their lives and giving them hope.

In mid-2019, Mina Italiano and I formed a new business partnership venture called Sorelle Event & Network Consultants (“Sorelle” means sisters in Italian). We have project managed events from book launches, business launches and general events. We have collaborated with numerous hotels, wineries, private clubs and individuals.

Mina ItalianoProfile Photo

Mina Italiano

Co-Founder Sorelle Event & Network Consultants

I am Assistant Producer to Anna M on her show “What a Wonderful World” and once a month you can listen to my segment with Anna M on 94.1FM 3WBC where I discuss my love of all things food, travel and cooking. My passion is sharing good food with family and friends and I can chat forever on the subject of food, cooking and dining out.

In 2020 I embarked upon a new and exciting culinary journey and am writing a blog talking about all things food. My blog is called Mangiabella Food Adventures.

Adele Selby and I have formed a new business venture Sorelle Event & Network Consultants. Connect with us to collaborate on your next showcase event or famil. We love partnering with venues, hotels and conference spaces.