Meg Steinschauer

Co-Founder of The Big Life Course | Founder of Connected Assistants | International Coach & Mentor

Meg Steinschauer, Founder of Connected Assistants, is propelled by her deep value of kindness and connection, and encourages individuals to genuinely support themselves through thoughtful and intentional personal discovery.

Within the Connected Assistants community, not only will you have the opportunity to build real relationships with other administrative professionals but you’ll also find encouragement to join and collaborate in engaging discussions, take part in 1:1 coaching, participate in virtual coffee chats and so much more!

Sept. 28, 2020

An Inspiring Conversation with Connected Assistants Founder, Meg Stei…

“It’s an incredible honor when somebody chooses to spend their time and energy with me. So for me it’s been a case of being reall…

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