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Sarah Michelle Wong

Founder, Metamorphosis 101

After graduating with a BA in Sociology, Sarah worked in non-profit services as a Job Developer and Workforce Manager helping hundreds of veterans transition to gainful employment.  She loved the work, but fell into the same traps we all do at some point, she desired a bigger and better job title and more money, feeling like she needed to wear somebody else’s shoes to be accepted.   

She left the non-profit world and pursued a job along the corporate path.  Three months into her new job her contract was terminated early and her confidence dwindled quickly. 

Being adopted since birth, she reconnected with her biological family and felt a sense of abundant gratitude and a  deep desire to serve and pay forward the love and light in her heart, from those feelings,  Metamorphosis 101 was born.

Have A Seat with Sarah and learn more about the how the profound impact and transition she experienced in her own life, created a ripple effect that benefits so many today.

June 13, 2021

The Joy in Helping Others With Career Transitions, A Conversation wit…

“I try to hold space for people and be compassionate in understanding that it can be painful to be forced into a transition; but …

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