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Teena Evert

Certified Career Coach + Licensed Life Counselor

Teena Evert is a Certified Career Coach, Licensed Life Counselor, and Global Career Development Expert and host of the Claim The Lead podcast. Teena speaks directly to early and mid-career professionals about how to transform their life and career by finding clarity, gaining confidence, and building momentum towards creating a brighter future.
With over a decade of experience as a licensed mental health professional, she gained recognition as an expert in preventing burnout, navigating life transitions, facing our greatest fears, and managing work stress.
Teena also provides career & life coaching and mental health counseling to support student wellness by helping struggling students navigate the challenges of college life.

Dec. 5, 2021

Finding Career Clarity and Direction, A Conversation with Certified C…

“Claiming the lead means moving into a more positive mindset and not feeling victim to circumstance; to getting back in the drive…

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