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Thamina Stoll

LinkedIn Account Manager + Femme Hive Podcast Host,

My interest in tech was born in college where I was able to combine two passions of mine: social media marketing and sports - I am very lucky to have worked for some of the biggest sports brands in the U.S. and Germany, including FC Bayern Munich, Duke Athletics, and Bundesliga. Additionally, having served as CMO of a tech startup got me really interested in business development and product management.

As an Account Director on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team, I help companies to achieve their marketing and advertising goals on LinkedIn.

Since college I have been very passionate about gender equality advocacy. Leading Women@LinkedIn in our 1,700-employee strong Dublin office as the youngest ERG office lead globally has allowed me to help empower women in business and be inspired by womanhood on a daily basis. In May 2020, I launched the Femme Hive Podcast with the mission of empowering young women around the world to become more confident about successfully navigating adulthood to lead a fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

Femme Hive was born out of my own dreadful experience with post-graduation depression, which left me feeling overwhelmed, anxious and lost. After spending the vast majority of my life in school, I had trouble establishing a new sense of identity that was not tied to being a student. Today, I help young ambitious women to set themselves up for success as young badass female professionals and navigate that challenging transition from college to adulthood.

Dec. 8, 2020

LinkedIn Account Manager + Femme Hive Podcast Host, Thamina Stoll

“Be human and kind because you were once in our shoes, no one can thrive in isolation; there is a lot that we can learn from more…

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