July 25, 2021

How's Your Personal Brand? A Conversation with Personal Brand Strategist, Angie Legg

How's Your Personal Brand? A Conversation with Personal Brand Strategist, Angie Legg

“It’s all about the perception and that’s what I love about personal branding; you can’t change everyone’s mind, but you can dictate a lot of things which can be so powerful”

 I'm just going to be honest here, get your notebooks and pens ready for this conversation because the straight up knowledge dropped in this episode with the fabulous Angie will blow your mind! 

Meet Angie Legg, Personal Brand Strategist, who after leaving a successful career as a sales executive, turned her talents towards helping women entrepreneurs discover their brand identity to become confident content creators. Through her workshops, brand analysis 1:1's and her successful Be Influential podcast on YouTube, Angie shares her on point expertise on brand strategy with her eager audience. 

I will be the first to admit, I am still a newbie when it comes to personal branding and marketing content,  however after this lively conversation with Angie, I absolutely have a better idea of what I should be doing and more importantly what I should not be doing. 

Have A Seat with Angie and hear about the amazing ways we can up our influencer game and build a brand that gets noticed. 

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Angie Legg

Personal Brand Strategist | Turning Ambitious Women Into Confident, Content Queens | Storyteller

From being a top sales executive, to a personal brand strategist Angie's mission is helping ambitious and influential women clarify their brands and create content that puts them ahead of their competition.