June 5, 2022

Real Self Confidence vs. The Falsehood of Perfectionism, A Conversation with Leadership Coach Asia Bribiesca-Hedin

Real Self Confidence vs. The Falsehood of Perfectionism, A Conversation with Leadership Coach Asia Bribiesca-Hedin

"No one, absolutely no one, has more agency in your career, your professional growth, your satisfaction or your contribution than you do. No one."

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Imposter Syndrome. Self Confidence. Self-doubt. Unfortunately for women in the workplace, these words have never before held so much meaning as they do today.

That is why I was very much looking forward to this week's conversation with the Founder of Bridgewell Professional Services and Leadership Coach, Asia Bribiesca-Hedin. One of Asia's primary coaching focus is on assisting women in becoming their own career strategists, to help us answer the question, what is the intention that drives us, how do we show up for not only ourselves but those on our team as well?

Our conversation centered around, how we may normalize imposter syndrome, to turn it around and use it to our advantage, and how those in leadership roles, should find the managerial courage to become allies to the women in their organizations to help break down those all too real, imposter syndrome feelings, and so much more.

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Asia Abreu Bribiesca-HedinProfile Photo

Asia Abreu Bribiesca-Hedin

Founder and Principal Leadership Coach

Asia Bribiesca-Hedin, MBA, MPA is the founder and CEO of Bridgewell Professional Services, a leadership development and strategy execution firm in Southern California.

Asia began her career as a management consultant with a global Big 4 consulting firm right out of USC business school, gaining unparalleled experience in advising leaders on how to mobilize their teams to deliver on key priorities.

Today she brings her strategic lens to coaching executives and professionals at every level to become influential, sought-after leaders so they can create the results that matter most to them.